When is Kappabashi Tool Town closed?

While Kappabashi Tool Town is always open, individual stores have their own holidays. Most of the stores are open on Saturdays. About 30% of the stores are open on Sundays too.

Do they sell products to individual customers?

Yes, almost all stores sell products to individual customers.

I am not a dealer. Can I purchase products?

Yes, of course. We welcome individual customers.

How should we go to Kappabashi?

See “Access – Information on Transportation” page.

Can we purchase products online?

Online shopping for the entire town is now under discussion by the Kappabashi Union; however, some stores have already started online shopping websites. Please see the column for the website URL of each store.

Is there a parking lot?

We provided some parking spaces with meters.

Where can I get a Kappabashi Convenient Map?

Each store and the Kappabashi Union Office.
PDF version is available from below.